Is the change right?

So we all know about changes and almost all of us have gone through one or more changes in our life. There was a time when I used to think that every change will settle in their own and I would accept all the changes very easily.

However, not so long ago, I noticed that it is not only the surrounding or the person or anything that change. What changes the most is “me”. And I was so confused with this. Is it good to be changed? I mean I have heard this phrase from my mom certain times (” All happens for a good reason”). So does the change that changed me was for good? I am less hopeful now. Don’t expect much from people. Certain things that used to affect me probably don’t even draw my attention towards it. Love and Trust have became equivalent to Santa Clause and Unicorns. And yes, now I can see through people (even if I don’t I know there is a near end to everything).

Is the change right?


My Dear Ex,

You were a part, but not the whole,

Yes, I just compared you with a small mole.

Oh! I am not sorry to expose your concealed face,

You are a bonehead, if you don’t know just in case.

You show your macho-ism and think you’re so cool,

Beauty-chase is not a talent you fool.

Don’t be in dilusion, you ain’t a protagonist,

But only an aide to my life’s antagonist.

You would have patted your back and laughed at me with a nose so high,

But hey wait- with all those cheeky melodrama wasn’t that you who is a “Quack”.

Oh and I always wanted these words to tell,

My baby, please “Go to hell“…!!



Sitting near the window,

looking at the moon

it does seem sweet and mellow

in the summer night of June.

Yet, the surrounding smells aberrant

and the moon light seems different.

It’s funny how I never noticed the change before,

May be this yearning for the feel of home has hit the core.

I thought I was sick in my heart,

Never did I thought it was the place that made me fall apart.

I started to search for the disease,

I opened my laptop and typed the symptoms in the Google Chrome,

When I saw the result, I suddenly felt weak in my knees,

it was written- When it comes to living there is no place like ‘home.



Yes, my friend life is tough,

But would you dare enough,

to follow the path of humanity

in this world of insanity?

Yes, my friend the path is full of thorny vine,

But would you dare enough to blossom as divine,

to grow like the sunflower

in the presence of sunshine?

Yes, my friend the world is unfair,

But would you dare enough to care

for those who are in the pitch blackness,

to lift them above this darkness?

Yes, my friend the day today is cold,

But would you dare enough to be bold

and face this empty world

with your pure soul without being hurled?


Would you dare?

So, would you dare to

go and deal with things that haunt you?

Would you dare to pick up the

hope & dump the disappointments again and again?

Would you dare to smile when

you are in pain?

Would you dare to speak against the

rules if you find them wrong?

Would you dare to stare back when people

stares at your deepest scars?

Would you dare to leave when

you know you can’t?

Would you dare to love when you

know you’re betrayed always?


Puzzles of Life

A day with me, or

a day without me?

Am I happier in being lost, or

I am being lost in the reality ?

Do I want to be in the dreams, or

do I want to live the dreams ?

A place dark and alone, or

a place where everyone knows me ?

Am I being happy to be unknown, or

I am being unknown to what happiness really is ?

A person who understands me well, or

a person whom I understand the most?

A day with me if I pick,

will the days without me vanishes ?